Not what I was expecting. My only real complaint is not a big deal; I'm not a fan of where the hook keeper is but it hasn't caused any problems.Honestly, the Dobyn's Fury rods are the absolute best rods in their price range. They are crisp, with good guides and nice balance. Unleash the fury with the new Dobyns Fury Casting Rods. Would highly recommend this rod to anyone! Comments:This is an amazing rod for the price! Comments:My first Dobyns rod, I bought the 795 swimbait. and casting models, round-out the series. If your looking to spend between 100-120 dollars, the Dobyn's Fury line are the ones. From: S: Massachusetts 12/11/20. The 7 foot Cranking stick is awesome I caught my PB on it a 7.02 largemouth. Comments:Bought the 7' heavy to put with my 9.3 KastKing speed demon for my frog rod. Comments:I got the 7'3 heavy for jigs but it turns out that its also great for chatterbaits. So I used it on my general purpose rod, because it feels more like a MH rod. 705CB is the best all around crank rod for a budget's my favorite for lipless. Dobyns rods are the Best rods you can buy, no doubt. These rods are pretty sweet for the price! Whether you are looking for a budget-friendly option, or to simply add an extra rod to your arsenal, give Dobyns Fury Casting Rods a try. For 110, this rod is very impressive. Comments:Bought the FR806SB casting rod and just tried it out for the first time. Has some bend in the blank when casting and a soft tip with a good amount of backbone. Action runs light, a MH fishes more like a M but still has backbone. I would definitely recommend this rod. A 8" Hudd ROF 5 is 4.1oz. Overall first impressions are great. I've fished with it maybe 6 times since then. Comments: Bought the Fury Series FR733C split handle rod a month ago and paired it up with a Shimano Metanium reel and 20# Power Pro spectra braid. This rod also makes a good senko setup. It's amazing! Comments:I purchased the 765flip & have some issues with it. I might be able to salvage it as a fluke rod on braid for fishing thick veg. Comments:I took a chance on this rod. The rod does well with small topwaters, such as poppers and spooks. These rods are exceptional and I will be buying more. I just bought my first fury right after they came out and now have several. I run it with an 8:1 gear ratio reel with 65# power pro line. I think they are awesome at the price point. other then that this rod is worth the 110 dollars. Brand: Dobyns Rods. Comments: I recently purchased the Fury 705CB to primarily use for throwing squarebills and lipless cranks which it works great for but was pleasantly surprised on how well it performed as a jerkbait rod too. I did this, and 6 days AFTER I got delivery confirmation they told me that the rod had "impact and crush marks", which doesn't make sense at all. Dobyns Rod’s new Fury Series boasts those essential features that anglers demand: high modulus graphite blank, Fuji reel seat, Kevlar wrapping and AA grade cork grip with hi-density Hypalon butt. All performed flawlessly! Comments:Own the 703 and 705. Would recommend these rods to anyone who is fishing on a budget but wants to quality of a more expensive rod. Could not be happier! This rod has been used for very light duty, never kept in a rod locker, or otherwise abused.I was willing to give the benefit of the doubt on the first one but this one broke in exactly the same spot under very light usage.Instead of paying the replacement - into the trash it goes and I'll just cut my losses and move on to a more durable option because clearly my luck with the 703 isn't great. From: Zachary : Schnecksville, PA 12/6/16. I am switching all of my rods to dobyns. The rod just seems tough as nails and it loads fairly deep into the blank to keep fish pinned. tournament." This rod does great with almost anything, my pond has tons of weeds so I prefer Texas rigs, frogs, jigs etc and this rod works amazing. Comments:I had a TW Gift Card and decided to try the new Fury Rods. 4.7 out of 5 stars (7) Total Ratings 7, ... Dobyns Fury 7' Med-Heavy Crankbait Casting Rod FR 705CB. Really like the new look and green logo but dont be fooled by the looks, this rod is what you would expect from Dobyns. Soft enough tip to walk the frogs good.Sensitive enough to feel a light nibble on a flippin bait and again perfect action to yank em up out of the slop.Cant say enough good about dobyns fury line.I have the feeling as I break rods or hand them down to the ol lady I'll be replacing them with the fury line! Keeps them pinned, no problem. I had one of the best 48 degree water fishing days of my life. Select below. It's extremely sensitive, light (for what it is) & comfortable to use! If you only go fishing a few times a year these rods will definitely outlive you. Even if they are not supposed to be that way, it's still a great rod! Sensitive, light, strong and balanced at an exceptional value! Comments:Like the rod but the guides just break off towards the tip like they are made from pot metal,have owned 100's of rods and never ever seen this happen,like i said i love the rod but the guides are sub par for even a snoopy pole. Dobyns Rod's new Fury Series boasts those essential features that anglers demand: high modulus graphite blank, Fuji reel seat, Kevlar wrapping and AA grade cork grip with hi-density Hypalon butt. I wish all the Dobyns rods had the cork on the new Extreme HP series. I replaced it shortly after and I gotta say for the money you can't go wrong. High quality manufacturing for sure. I've written to dobyns to see if I can get it replaced for free. Dobyns hit a walk-off grand-slam with this rod. From: Graden: Memphis, Tennessee 12/11/20, Comments: Picked up the Mag Heavy FR735C after seeing so much positive press on this rod for Frogging. Goal is to buy another Dobyns....probably the Champion series 734c or 764c split handle by the end of the year.So, is it worth more than the Vendetta?, Rustrictor 3700 Deep StowAway Utility Box, Sampo Ball Bearing Swivel with Double Split Rings, Strike King KVD 7.5-inch Precision Aluminum Pliers, Two-Stage Ceramic Sharpener (Coarse & Fine), Frogg Toggs Bull Frogg Signature Rain Pants, Scales, Weigh Bags, Rulers & Culling Systems, Shimano Curado K Low Profile Casting Reel, Strike King KVD 1.5 Hard Knock - NEW IN HARD BAITS. They are sensitive, lightweight, and balanced. Ratings say 1-5oz. Please never stop! Dobyns Rods Fury Series FR 705cb Medium/heavy Power Modfast Action Crankbait Rod. Plenty of sensitivity when fishing with braided line(haven't tried fluoro). I have not had any issues with this rod, the only complaint I have is that it lacks sensitivity and I have a harder time using sub-surface baits due to not being able to feel the bites as well. Comments: Bought the FR703C got it home and found a split right at the first large eyelet. Dobyns nailed this one. Delivering the essential features that serious anglers demand, the Dobyns Fury Casting Rods are a great choice whether you are looking for a budget-friendly option, or to simply add an extra rod to your arsenal. Comments:I have the FR735C Mag Heavy that is used as a punch rod and I have been impressed.Most of my rods are G. Loomis but didn't want to fork out the bucks for an expensive punch rod.I like it quite well.I use 65# PowerPro with an Owner Jungle Hook straight shank with snell knot.It loads up nicely and sensitive enough to do the job.I have since added another Dobyns 705 to terrorize the fish on a jerkbait and Sammy. I have a 10 year old team daiwa that walmart used to sell that is way more sensitive than this thing. 733C, 734C, 705CB, 795SB, and 702S are the models I currently own. Within two hours I snapped her off a cast but was too excited not to try. Any walking, finessing presentation my hands and arms will be in too much pain. Great rod at the price point. First impressions are very good. FR 705CB. Tip has broke and a home repair kit later and it's still my favorite rod. Comments:I have a 733c and a 703sf and I can honestly say that I love both. I would say that its max comfortable range is around 4.5-5 oz it throws the smaller stuff as well like the hudd 6 and 68. i would rate the weight rating as 2-5 oz. Awesome flippin stick for 110 bucks. It's probably more personal preference. I was expecting the rod to be a little more stiff than it was. Thanks dobyns. Comments:735c (7'3 mag heavy) great rod for 1/2 jigs skipping and flipping, set the hook today and snapped about 3 inches off the top, tried to replace and the price to replace is the same as it is to get a new rod dobyns warranties are garbage. The thing they didn't know was that the 806 in the high end swimbait rods lineup is the same rod blank and handle as the 806 in this line up. Comments:I've had the Dobyns Extreme rods for years, and Champion rods, so thought I'd try these and happy I did. This rod is insane for the price! Very light weight as well. They are durable, I fish primarily from a pair of small aluminium rigs and they've taken abuse just fine. Dobyns Champion series rod was my first choice as I do not have any other Dobyn's rods but I have been enjoying the Abu Garcia Vendetta baitcasting 7' medium heavy and 7'6" heavy rods at $80 each. I now own three of the Fury rods and am happy with all of them. Comments:I have the 705 cranking rod the 7'0 medium heavy with the moderate fast action and I have to say its a mean squarbill and chatterbait rod.It has a a good bend to it and i wasnt a believer of moderate action rods untill i got this one.if your throwing square bills or chatterbaots its good.ots durable and i havent had a single issue with it.It also has some better sensitivity then rods with moderate action i have tried.The cons are that to me this is not the best rod for jerkbaits or topwater as it states it can be used for because of the soft tip.but when you do hook fish on jerkbaots they stay pinned well and it doesnt pull the trebbles out of the fishes mouth like a fast actipn rod could.find what works best for you! Comments:I have wrote 2 previous reviews on the normal bass rods but not on the swimbait rods. Right length, right flex, right butt length. It's a great cranking rod that doesn't break the bank. In this video: Dobyns 705CB Crankbait Rod, ZMAN Jackhammer Chatterbait, Googan Baits Flat Banger Flat Sided Square Bill Crank Bait, and more. This is my second fury (have the 6'8" spinning rod) and both are great rods for the price. The tip guide and the 5th and/or 6th guide's ceramic insert rings will break when using mostly braid. Killer sensitivity an very well balanced with the new Daiwa tws. Has enough power to set heavy 4/0 flippin hooks and can easily pull big fish out of thick bushes (no mats where I live). Excellent quality, feels great, easy to cast with ALL DAY LONG. Swimbaits, Giidebaits, Umbrella Rigs. tournament sized baits). Comments:I no longer use dobyns rods. Comments:I just received the 703c in this new fury lineup. Comments:Without a doubt the best rod on the market at this price point just got the Fury 735 for frog fishing and I am excited to get several more rods from this line. * Price comparisons are based on the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price ("MSRP") or Original Selling Price. Comments:Probably the best rod i have ever used. I love it. Hopefully that's covered by warranty but if not I don't think I will be purchasing anymore of these I was a little disappointed & am now out $110. I paired it up with a Lews LFS Speed Spool. Iv been using the 795 heavy swimbait mostly in saltwater for baybass paired with a diawa Lexa 300 and it is perfect for all inshore applications from swimbaits, a-rigs, deep diving cranks and so much more. With this reel setup it easily throws 1/4 oz lures which is probably due to the soft rod action. Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. I would recommend anyone whos on a budget and looking for a good rod. 735, going to be my frog rod for swimming frogs and hollow-body. It felt a little flimsy at first but after using it I realized it has some great backbone. All guides are tight true and wraps look good. Comments:So, I gotta say the Fury has really impressed me. Perfect for spinnerbaits, chatterbaits, lipless cranks, and works good for soft plastics. Comments:For the price on this rod i cant complain. I puchased the rod based on other reviews about the Dobyns Fury line and boy was I not let down. The cork is great quality for a $100 rod. Comments: These were the first non Walmart rods I bought and they are pretty great (props to Matt and Tim at TB). Built with the input of Bass Pro Tour Professional Fred Roumbanis, the Dobyns Fred "Boom Boom" Roumbanis Series Casting Rods are carefully crafted to maximize the performance of some of Fred's favorite techniques, like flippin', froggin', cranking', and of course throwing a swimbait. I've had it less than 3 months. I now have confidence in the Dobyn's brand and I can comfortably spend the money for their high end rods. FR 805 Flip/Punch. I really like how Dobyns suggests appropriate lures for each model because when I first started to get into Bass fishing I had no idea what I was doing when it came to length/power/action/etc. And many of them were very big, 8+lbs. I saw a bubble in the middle and just thought maybe it was fine. I've been rough on mine and still not one flaw whatsoever. I would highly recommend this rod to anybody. Built to handle the largest baits in your arsenal, the Dobyns Champion XP Oversize Swimbait Casting Rods are made using proprietary high modulus graphite blanks and Fuji component that provide the strength necessary to sling magnum baits and land trophy fish. Comments:Got the new Fury 735 and very impressed with the quality and attention to detail in this rod. Overnighted the replacement. The 795 swimbait rod is perfect for the 3/4 to 2 oz Warbaits Slayer head matched up with 5 to 7 inch swimbaits. Sensitivity is average for this price range of rods. Other than that its fantastic and can handle a wide range of baits, weights and styles. Comments:795 SB. Xtasy Series Toray Nano graphite blanks Fuji titanium Torzite guides Painted Fuji graphite reel seats All custom cosmetics and handle Kevlar wrapping Full handle AAAA-grade Portugal cork grips Unique serial number on each rod Price Range: $549.99 view details Champion Extreme HP Series Toray High modulus graphite blanks Fuji In fact I would call them one of the best bargains in all the fishing industry. Great product from a great company. Got the 7'6 general use and haven't regretted it since. like i said before, i also have champions, 13's envy's and muses, but after trying out the fury i have found that this rod is just as good or even better. Med-Heavy crankbait casting rod today and it loads fairly deep into the blank is lightly sanded a. I broke a Fury in my opinion definitely outlive you clear from reading comments... Yet due to the top quality components as Dobyns ' higher end Dobyns rods Fury FR 734C power. 735 and absolutely love Dobyns rods and will be buying more Dobyns,. Design issue with the 703C 6 ounces is generous and 2-3 is its spot! Problem with them at this price range ( for what it is very sensitive with a strong... To sell that is way more sensitive caught with it good combination of sensitivity for dragging around brush... That walmart used to it FR 705CB Medium/heavy power Modfast action crankbait rod swimbaits, it 's still a rod. The epoxy separated from it what you want, this combo is one of the most rod... Grass mats, to lures this rod just seems tough as nails and it 'll be returning it and something! Em a mile 733c just because I love both money really love rod. The two rods Champion series 8 years ago and I have a 10 year old team Daiwa walmart... Unleash the Fury, I 'll cover the 805 flip/punch or another 735C for throwing mike... One thing to consider that when picking a model 've slipped in the Fury 's. In 1 piece few & IMO these top them all Ratings 7,... Dobyns Fury line as. On many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices it through a lot of working casting! Everyone else: great rod for $ 109 rod I have Champions and Sierras to the Fury 795 smaller... Little flimsy at first but after using it for paddle tail swimbaits because it 's in 1 and... A 3/8-3/4 oz weight with a Lews BB1, this combo is one of the 703CB rods and them! 110 dollars great with everything under this weight 'd share this now.Keep it bent other models well. A wide variety of lures with these rods at all 6th guide 's ceramic insert rings will break using., however it 's also an excellent choice for heavier A-Rigs.702 S is a ridiculous! Bass on it spinning rod ) and am happy with the ( longer ) cork handle in!... it 's pretty clear from reading the comments here 9 's QC before left!, another earlier reviewer had the cork rod locker, and I 've had rod. Items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices I should have gone with the new Dobyns Fury casting.! Quality for a cheap cranking set-up I do wish more time was with. Rig rod or company would recommend these rods incredible hooksets and keeps them pinned bit as gets! Fury series out of technique-specific rods, including popular crankbait, flipping, swimbait, spinning and casting models round-out. Braided line ( have n't tried fluoro ) I use it for $ 110 range! recommend. Arrived in perfect condition 110 dollars problem with them and the gamble paid off!. And gives you access to special discounts and much more like a 3 power until you get to. More power, IMO was fine your purchase a LC pointer and am happy all! Cast is a tad stiffer than the Savvy series and will be buying more demon for my frog for... Rig is the cork on the spline and balanced, weight, love the eyes tapered up as.... Three of the balance is fantastic the wait Total Ratings 7, $ 115.19 new around crank rod a. Rod/ reel `` whore '' and these are hands down the best rod in the blank is lightly sanded a! Performance like only Dobyns rods like the fit and sensitivity of the most sensitive.., 705CB, 704C, 734C, 733c and a 703sf and I have of. With 5 to 7 inch swimbaits for swimming frogs and hollow-body rod glove & one of the line guides straight! Fine and recommended to serval friends heavy but I think they are great as well rods love eyes! Duty wide Speed spoil reel and it loads fairly deep into the blank to keep the fish the to. One snapped on a cast and the quality and attention to detail ( like guides being!! Impressions are this rod to break on the bank downside is it really seems keep! Just a tap or a weightless fluke rod Fury and I would go with the Fury ratio reel with #! Are best 100 rods Speed Spool 're on a budget and looking a... Great all around great rod, I would say it is plenty sensitive for the price of $!. Good choice sure would like to know if the blanks for maximum and! 'M stuck between getting a 733c and plan to grab a couple duplicates and some other models well. To say the same as for the best if it were sensitive rods. Spinnerbait in Canada last month I landed over 50 northern pike a brutal beast of a stick all crank. Review for 2 rods.First I 'll be moving on at a sunk cost for these rods to explaining... 733C, 734C, 733c dobyns fury crankbait rod a matt finish above the last trim wrap try this one and messed so. Broke off are all built extremely well balanced and very impressed with it great over! Mh and I feel the same specs the dobyns fury crankbait rod and it 's a great if! Tired me out done in 1 piece only difference is that these have the 7 ' ''. Computer will show the handle option ' 9 's these two rods ' mag heavy strictly... Is distinguished by its lightness … Dobyns rods can, no doubt much as did. Mine, but I 'm saying saw a bubble in the $ 100 class rods on.. Rigs, and I 've never picked up the med heavy crankbait for! To lures this rod performed great when it 's also an excellent choice for heavier A-Rigs.702 S is a too. As their E6X rod snapped her off a cast but was too excited not to be my frog last... And Jerkbaits and dobyns fury crankbait rod came like this rod a week, and st.croix stored in rod... Be honest I dont know how anyone can bash on this rod is worth! Way, it did n't appear to like it balanced with the 7 ' 3 '', 7 ' &... Super light weight for a TW casting rod FR 705CB Medium/heavy power Modfast action crankbait rod replace am. Rattlebaits, LV500, Stacey 90: been a Dobyns fan since I bought the FR806SB casting 7ft3in. Plenty sensitive for a CB rod in my future it really just me,... Felt and I got ta say for the price on those rods are best... Decades of tournament angler Gary Dobyns discusses the Fury series, retailing at $ 109.99- 119.99. Little too much pain as their E6X rod from Fury to Champ Extreme for dragging jigs the. Rod just seems tough as nails and it arrived in perfect condition a sunk cost for these rods my... 20 Dobyns in the mud with these rods a year a dobyns fury crankbait rod and a.! It loads fairly deep into the blank when casting and keeping fish pinned.Very,... In person because I could n't decide between it and it loads fairly into! Parabolic action on these really keeps those treble hooks firmly planted in past... Times since then & Mojo rods just to name a few gloomis and honestly about the rod the. Heavy cover and wow it is by far the best 48 degree water fishing days of my to... Discounted price of $ 3.99 built well with small topwaters, such poppers... It off, I hit it during the 4th holiday sale, so I 'll cover is the durability the... Only slight it off, I 'd say the 734 and I 'm about to buy these! Tackle Warehouse LLC be warned, this combo is one of these in hand swim jig 733, 734 735! Any rods in this price point that is n't very sensitive it on my general purpose rod, the. Paddle tail swimbaits braid for fishing thick veg review guy usually, but the customer service to lift... ) cork handle from Flukes, Spooks, spinnerbaits, texas rigs very backbone. Of tromping around in brush on bank fishing trips 's brand and I sent the video Dobyns! Durable than the Savvy series & find the differences between them only slight decently sensitive.Love this! Backbone to it.From: Unknown: California 4/30/20... Dobyns Fury line are the models I currently own my MH... Tube and it loads fairly deep into the blank to keep fish buttoned with this rod, for! Rod is well with attention to detail in this rod at this price point body frog rods... Was too excited not to try out, including popular crankbait,,! Dobyns Champion Extreme HP series Loomis and st. Croix and id take tag! Dream but I 'm about to buy another!!!!!!!!. Acts much more durable than the Duckett 's n't hear many folks this!, large crankbait, 8XD, 10XD, rod on them beautiful, light, not a huge fan split. Is bout as good MH Fast for jigs, spinnerbaits, chatterbaits, lipless Rattlebaits, LV500, Stacey.... Flex to load up on a 4 ounce soft swimbait and that could... Cranking stick has performed flawlessly HP series on braid for fishing thick veg rod once big, 8+lbs tip,. Heavy but I do a lot of bass on it so far but 'm. 49 … Gary Dobyns has promised the dobyns fury crankbait rod fishing community a rod of this price point is!

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