I fish, camp and enjoy to writing about my adventures. components. the ultra-aggressive $79.99 dollar price point. 2 product ratings - Dobyns Fury 8'0" Heavy Swimbait Casting Rod FR 806HSB. Rods | Lures | $0.00. cosmetics. somebody give me a reason for either option for swimbaits. EVA handle. He knew that making a more affordable rod meant making some sacrifices, This is ideal for catching fish on light lures but it’s limiting if you want to fish a larger range of lures. Dobyns Rods 795SB . This item: Dobyns Rods Fury Series FR 795SB Medium/Heavy Power Fast Action Swimbait Rod, Black/Green, 7'9" $119.99 Only 18 left in stock (more on the way). It has the ideal line weight and weight ratings to cover a broad spectrum of lures. The best part about this rod is the handle, it’s made from woven carbon fiber that transfers every touch from the tip to your hands, this means you’ll feel every bite no matter how subtle. This is just an all around great swimbait rod. The Fury 795SB features very similar styling to the Champion XP rod, just with their performance guides. Dobyns Rods Fury Series 1-pc Heavy Fast Action Casting Fishing Rod, 7' Blk/Grn. They’re all fast action, made from IMX-8 graphite, and use tangle-free Fuji guide frames plus a split cork grip for comfort. see just how well this $129 dollar rod has held up. Has maybe 20 casts worth if use on it. Dobyns Rods Bull Shad Series Casting Rod. Dobyns Champion XP 7'9" Heavy Swimbait Rod. Dobyns Rods Champion Series 908 Ultra MAG SB Champion Series 9'0" Ultra Mag Heavy Power Swimbait Rod Black/Blue 2.7 out of 5 stars 3. Has the new matte weave logo. It has the ideal line weight and weight ratings to cover a broad spectrum of lures. Fast forward to present day and a lot has changed. They also feature a premium fuji trigger reel seat that’s made from stainless steel. Dobyns Champion XP Oversize Swimbait Casting Rods. This is to ensure it can handle those large bass and set a hook well. been putting the Fury 795 swimbait rod through the paces for over two years and They come in a pack with multiple lures and are great for fishing weedy areas. And for the handle, they use EVA with a hi-density Hypalon butt, which is comfortable as hell to fish with. realized that he needed a more affordable rod series to address the mainstream Brand New. The Okuma SBX swimbait rod series comes in three sizes to cover any line weight between 15-40lb, lure weight from 1-14oz, and power rating from heavy power to xx-heavy. You’ll find a Fuji reel seat on the rod, which as we know, is a reel seat you can rely on to keep your reel safe and secure. You’ll find it gives you the extra leverage you need to cast a good distance. designed to be a halo product for the brand, one of the top selling lines Dobyns Fury 8'0" Heavy Swimbait Casting Rod FR 806HSB. The only concern with these rods is quality control, some arrive damaged, some break quickly, and some last forever. The ZEUS titanium guides and RS inserts are also second to none. It does have a limited weight range for small-medium lures, but this is perfect for anyone just starting out or if you want a dedicated rod for smaller lures. It’s ok to go a little over the up to the 8’8” mark, especially if you’re fishing very large swimbaits. Specifications. Oh sure like you I own a few swim baits, some small and cheap and others large and expensive, I buy them because each season I tell myself that this will be the year that I have success with a swim bait. long since I started testing the Fury that I had to go back to my initial notes The best swimbait rods will have a power rating of medium-heavy and above. Without one, you risk damaging your existing gear and ending up getting frustrated because you won’t be able to fish them properly. Fury 795SB G. Loomis E6X Swimbait Bass Fishing Rod 5.0 out of 5 stars 3. Rod is in excellent condition with little or no blemishes and has been taken care of and kept in a rod glove when not in use. Dobyns Colt Casting Rods . Apparel | If your rod is too short, you won’t be able to cast as far or land a fish easily, while if it’s too long, you won’t feel the lure on your retrieve and therefore struggle to fish it correctly. The Fury Series may be affordable but it still makes use of Fuji reel seat that You also get non-jointed baits but these aren’t common. Series rods. original Champion 795ML rod was one of my favorite swimbait rods Gary sent me For Gary, it’s more than just a hobby. Fury These are also soft but are much smaller and are similar to plastic worms. Rod. Dobyns Fury Swimbait Casting Rods . Though Sea-Guide was certainly not as well known as Here’s what you need to think about to make sure you get the best swimbait rod for you. One of the best value rods and you’ll love it if you’re into targeting bass with small lures and a light rod. We’ve lined out our top picks for swimbait rods and pitted them against each other. The thought that has gone into it shows through the materials, the range, and pretty much every feature. Starting at $259.99. The handle is a little short for some. An interesting aspect with the 795ML is how light its tip is with load ranges to about 28 ounces, then, beyond this range, the rod seems to stiffen up really well suggesting a strong backbone. We have 1 Review. Xtasy Series. Each one’s a winner in its own right and they all have their different strengths…, Let this list help you find the best underspin reel for your needs…. calloutdoors.com is reader-supported. green highlights. This means you can use your rod for fishing and not spend time dealing with backlashes. It’s made from a durable graphite blank that’s been honed to ensure awesome sensitivity. Bucca was searching for one rod that would cover 90 percent of his signature swimbaits, and with this new Dobyns rod, that reality has come to fruition. It’s one of the best value rods I’ve looked at and you’ll love it if you’re into targeting bass with small lures and a light rod. The only drawback for some might be the shortish handle, and this is a personal choice based on how you like to fish. They’re much lighter than stainless steel, hard, durable, and are designed to reduce tangles too. Fury at a Great Price Point. and he decided to prioritize features that impacted fishing performance versus other Dobyns rods, with a primarily black matte finish, but many anglers find These are some of the top rods for pros and beginners alike. The rod comes with special added features like guides that are designed for braid and it can handle every size bait you want to fish with. The top all-around rod in the review is the Okuma Guide Select. Up until this point the company had focused on more premium offerings, … skepticism about the guide choice, mostly concern about how well the guides Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. This is because it is all about the retrieve, and you need the sensitivity in the tip in order to feel how the lure is swimming. google_ad_type = "text_image"; Bucca calls his 6” to 9” Bull Shad swimbait models his workhorses, and this rod can throw the gamut. Built to handle the largest baits in your arsenal, the Dobyns Champion XP Oversize Swimbait … The only con, and it is very minor, would be that its tip is a bit less sensitive than other rods in its price bracket. If you like a long handle to fish a swimbait this might not be the rod for you. Starting at $79.99. This rod outranks all the others in design in my opinion. Dobyns Fury Casting Rod . //-->, Long Term Test: Dobyns Brings the 20-40 lb line rating. Using a light rod to fish a big swimbait will end up damaging/breaking the rod and make it very hard to fish properly. Built to handle the largest baits in your arsenal, the Dobyns Champion XP Oversize Swimbait Casting Rods are made using proprietary high modulus graphite blanks and Fuji component that provide the strength necessary to sling magnum baits and land trophy fish. D-Swim Bait Head; D-Nail; Dobyns Accessories. Dobyns Rods Champion XP Swimbait. Overall, all these components come together to form a rod that’s perfect for someone getting into fishing with a swimbait or anyone who wants a dedicated rod for light swimbait fishing. google_ad_height = 600; Swimbaits | Lines | at the $159 dollar price point and make use of Fuji reel seats and Fuji Alconite highest end series to date, the Xtasy Series, which is designed with Toray This rod slightly undercuts the Okuma GS in price but still delivers excellent durability and castability for fishing with a swimbait. Each one is made for a certain lure class to provide the ultimate experience when fishing a swimbait. Swimbaits are one of the best lures around to catch larger fish with, especially big bass, but why do you need a specific rod to use them, won’t any rod do? Luckily their customer care is excellent and they’ll replace it promptly. A great rod for someone just starting out and looking for their first swimbait rod. It is one of the least expensive in the review. This combination gives you durability, comfort, strength, and a great casting swimbait rod. Buy It On Ebay. would hold up over time, especially when used with braided lines. Autopsy,