This was a favourite with children, as they loved the noodles & sauce. Really enjoyed and easy instructions to follow, should have made double to have for lunch the next day. loved it, the whole family ate it. Step 2 Heat vegetable oil in a wok until simmering. Super easy and delicious meal ready in minutes. ½ tsp Gregg’s Ground Chinese Five … Neatly presented in a bowl with chop sticks at the ready.... 10 minutes later, empty bowl!!! Add 1/2 of beef; stir-fry 1 minute or until outside … We have tried it with both chicken and beef and they are both winners. I used chicken breast because it goes really well with the Honey Soy sauce. Made this up for Sunday lunch used chicken instead of beef also put in Wattie`s mix vege`s and Trident Noodles Highly recommended. I also love the versatility- I used frozen stir fry verges and beef, but I think this would be delicious with chicken and whatever fresh veges are in season. Noodles and soy Beef- a heavenly combination, This is a super tasty recipe! Husband pleaser - no leftovers here. Delicious! Not only is having it as a pack super easy to prepare for me as the cook, it's also simple to make, meaning way less prep time and more time to spend with the whanau. Honey Soy Beef and Noodles is very tasty. Can use whatever veges you like which is good and can vary it up with different seasoning and veges. Will make it again. Great to feed hungry children and guests as required anytime. Love honey and soy and the combinations with noodles is irresistible. We used fresh winter veges out of our garden and venison as we had no beef. Add ½ olive oil and beef stir fry until golden brown, set aside. Wipe the wok clean with a paper towel and add about 2 Tbsp more oil. Enjoyed the Singapore noodles too. When the oil is hot, add the ginger and garlic and stir-fry until aromatic. Toss in the chicken. Used venison instead of beef. Very quick and easy and delicious! Such a great amount of flavour with lots of veggies. I used some of the honey soy sauce to marinate the beef and also used frozen stir fry vegetables - very quick and easy mid-week meal. There was ample sauce in the pack to cover the beef and vegetables and the taste was delicious! Thanks Food in a Minute, Wattie's and Trident. Doubled the recipe. Easy to prepare and very tasty! Much too sweet. Really tasty and quick to make! Sauce was great, too, not too sweet like I've found some other honey soy sauces to be. This was so easy to prepare and a huge hit with the family! Tasty recipe, but slightly sweet for a couple of family members. Will be definitely cooking this again and trying the other sauces available in this range. I like the fact that I can use other types of meat also, chicken, pork and even shrimps or prawns for a change. The hubby came back for seconds. details? Yum Yum This was so easy to make and tasted delicious... Will be having it again for sure.. A really tasty recipe. I must admit I was nervous making this for my family as my three boys and hubby are generally white meat eaters only, but I desperately wanted something different but still quick after long busy day. Everybody loved it Must be repeated. Will definitely be having it again and trying the other sauces as well. By the time you drive to the takeaway shop, order and collect your meal and return home to eat it, that's likely to take the same time as making this, and it is much cheaper than takeaways - better for you too. I used the frozen stir-fry vegetables and they were fine, just cooked them longer. The taste was very authentic and tasty. This was an easy to cook dish, although I found some of the ingredients a little expensive. Absolutely delicious and so easy to make. So easy and delicious and the kids ate every bite. Great weeknight meal. One night with noodles next night with rice. Toss to combine. Quick, easy, flavoursome. I used pork fillet steaks sliced and a bag of Watties Wok Creations stirfry veges topped up with some red cabbage. Meat, vegetables, carbohydrates all in one dish. Very tasty good flavours added 5 cloves of garlic .Easy to make ideal midweek tea. Just the meal for after work or a quick meal with friends, This is a recipe I make with chicken. Even with chicken, lovely recipe. Garnish with fresh coriander and roasted cashew nuts if wished. *Use a combination of your favourite vegetables – such as carrots (cut into matchsticks), broccoli florets, cauliflower florets, beans, courgettes (sliced), snow peas and mushrooms (sliced). So yummy, easy to cook, and made enough for my hubby and I for two double the enjoyment!! Serve the stir-fry beef and vegetables over the noodles, or toss the noodles through then serve. This recipe is great it does not take long to prepare and cook and the kids loved it. Have made this with both beef one time and chicken another. Keep up the good work! Drain beef, reserving marinade. Go to recipe, make this so often as it is quick and easy, My stir fry has never ever tasted so good like that in a very long time , I'll forever carry on buying this flavour :), Yummy. My husband`s favourite wok creation. Very tasty and nice and saucy although a little bit too salty. I used chicken, and it was still delicious! Everyone loved it. It took me about 20 minutes to prepare everything including chopping the vegetables. It was actually quite tasty and my family enjoyed it too. We replaced the noodles with another variety and didn't add the coriander but it was still delicious :). Not too sweet. We plan to retry using Chicken and adding some Chilli next time. Quick to make, simple recipe, can use whatever you have in pantry/fridge, tasty. A great meal and easy to prepare. nice with the addition of mushrooms, carrots and broccoli as the vege choice. Would recommend. Even without the chilli it’s delicious and so quick.i use schnitzel as I’ve got heaps of that and it works well. Yummy yummy yummy. Hubby said to add it to the trolley with our next lot of groceries! Watties Wok Creations Honey Soy stir-fry sauces are quick and easy to use and transform a stir fry from 'OK' to 'Scrumptious!' Move meat and veggies to the sides of the pan. Full of flavour and easy to use. Fast and easy to prepare. 450g rump steak, cut into strips. This was such a winner in our house! I cooked this last night for the first time and served it to friends, it was delicious and my friends were most impressed. This should be marketed as a meal in under 30 minutes. Add remaining oil to pan and stir fry onion, capsicum until golden brown, around 3-4 mins then add garlic stirring for 1 minute then add water to pan and cook carrot, mushrooms, beans and cauliflower until softened. We use chicken or pork depending on what we have available. Reduce heat to low-medium and add the sauce to the pan. was easy to make an did not take long. Husband wants another meal soon. Another tasty meal created, thanks to Watties Wok Creations. Super easy recipe, and quick. Yummy and easy to make. The wonderful flavours of the Beef, soy along with the noodles is really popular meal for me. Thanks Sara, Very tasty and the whole family enjoyed the flavour. I used Watties frozen stir fry mix with 6 vegetables and the addition of ginger added a nice zing to the dish. What a fantastic dish for a cold winters night. really quick and easy! Great tasting dish which is quick and easy to make especially on a week night. Easy to follow recipe, and the Singapore noodles were a hit with the grandchildren. Thumbs up from our family. I had Japanese visitors who were most impressed and have taken some Add sirloin and stir fry until cooked through. Quick and easy and full of flavour. I also used a whole chilli instead of 1/2 to give it the spice kick. I'm a convert to this recipe - so simple and tasty. They are fussy, however they declared it very good indeed. again Fantastic & fabulous.... so easy to make all luved it...and seconds was requested... need to make more Even the husband liked this one! Well done Watties. Have only ever used honey soy with chicken, never beef, but I loved this recipe. Tasty, quick, easy to prepare for dinner - a winner! Everything you need for a complete meal. Stir to combine and let the sauce … It was simple and easy to use and makes for a quick convenient meal. Everyone enjoyed this and I will be making it again! Very tasty Stir fry, would recommend this to others. Although I may have added a some more of the stir-fry vegetables on the side and just used the wholemeal noodles that I had in the pantry. would try again. The flavour isn't over powering, you can still taste the veges and meat through the sauce which is great. Will definitely be making this again. this was a really yummy meal all the family loved it will be using again. This dish was awesome, family loved it. Very easy to make and the kids even asked for more. (4) Reduce heat to low and stir-fry for another 2-3 minutes or until meat is fully cooked. PS It also did;'t arrive until 3 days ago - leaving us a bit short on time to get it done and reviewed. Step 1 Mix vegetable broth, soy sauce, honey powder, ginger, sesame oil, cornstarch, garlic, and red pepper flakes together in a small bowl. Over the years, I have been forced to experiment with various food recipes. a delicious meal so tasty, I added a quarter of cup of water extra to the sauce, so had more delicious sauce to enjoy over the vegetables, steak and noodles, very quick and tasty. Very easy to make, simple to adjust based on seasonal crops and availability, it's a good one to make use of the last couple of veges in the bottom of the chiller drawer that you otherwise can't use up before they go off. Reduce the heat to medium and add the ginger, chilli, prepared vegetables and. So easy to prepare, Quick & easy to make when working late . I used crushed almonds has had no cashews. Meal ready in next to no time, daughter cooking and no need to get the water blaster in the kitchen afterwards.....definitely a WATTIES Winner all round. My wife loved it! Log in or create a user account to comment. Husband and kids loved it. I loved the Wattie's WOK Creations Honey Soy Stir-Fry Sauce and Trident Singapore Noodles made with rump steak and a variety of vegetables. Quick and tasty. I made mine with Pork and it was simple to make and very delicious. Quick and easy to make. Will definitely be making again, Absolutely delicious and so easy to make definitely a favorite in our house. Clean plates everytime. We substituted the beef with goat. good easy meal, though prefer thinner noodles. Made this for diner last night my partner and i and 2 friends really enjoyed it. Aromatic, pleasantly sweet, and delicious. I do lots of cooking and this was one of the most delicious dishes I have made and quick and easy too. This is a very easy meal to make, and by adding the wonderful wok creation sauce and extra veges my husband loved it, not a fan of stirfrys this will be on the menu for years to come. The honey soy stir fry sauce was nice, the noodles were soft with no texture. Then add beef strips and mix well. Replace Singapore noodles with your favourite noodles. We used pre-cut stir fry beef, but would get thinner cut (like schnitzel) and fast fry. The cornstarch brings it all together, thickening up the sauce as it's exposed to heat to coat the ingredients in the stir fry. Thanks for rating and reviewing on this recipe. Beats takeaways any day. Quick, easy and affordable ingredients. made it with stirfry vegetables, was easy and tasty , bit much for one person but made it last 3 meals with side dishes. Delicious and satisfying. Super yummy and quick to make! I made it and even my fussy wife loved it. Drain. Stir fry beef until browned, taking care not to overcook. Season with salt and pepper, if needed (it may already be salty enough). A great way to include plenty of vegetables, noodles and meat into dinner, can't believe how quick and easy this was to prepare and cook with only 1 pan to wash! Very tasty-not too sweet. Definitely added to our weekly shopping list. So simple that my husband made it on his own. The singapore noodles are perfect with it, and any meat would go. Great way to get more veges into him, Easy to prepare the flavour was tasty great for a quick meal, i tryed this using pork srips was a winner .cheers, Used mince for a change very good will do again. Place the garlic, ginger, honey, soy sauce, oil, chilli and lemon juice in a bowl; stir to combine. Remove pan from heat and stir in remaining sesame oil. Our Wattie's WOK Creations Honey-Soy Stir-Fry comes in two different sizes, 125g and 210g. Even better is that my 13 year old son did most of the cooking, good and easy recipe to follow. This was delicious and love the versatility of being able to have a variation with the same wok creation flavors. Very easy and scrumptious, the kids enjoyed it and went back for seconds. Really easy to make and yummy too. THANKS SO MUCH FOOD IN A MINUTE & WATTIES FOR THE FREE SAMPLE. Add soy sauce, honey, lime juice and corn flour to the wok. Always enjoy Trident Noodles, so this was a great way to use them in this recipe, and very easy to make. Loved it, was so quick and easy. Easy to make and really delicious. I didn't follow recipe to a T. But great sauce and great noodles. This meal was beautiful but I had to make something different for one of the people that came to dinner as they had a nut allergy and I was a bit afraid to use the peanut oil in their meal. Personally I found the sauce rather bland and would have preferred something more spicy, I used chicken instead of beef, oh my golly gosh yummy I've not had Singapore noodles before and those stir fried with my chicken, vegetables were oh so yummy. Hearty. Honey Soy Beef and Noodle Stir-Fry. Fantastic recipe , easy to cook and everyone loves it . So tasty we both ate second serves and hubby said remember to buy again! Love this one, I dont like corriander so I swap it out for spring onions. Delicious! thank you was delicious, Made this last night for three of my grandchildren - used chicken thigh meat (skinned and boned) and carrots, beans and broccoli - all three grandchildren were really impressed and asked if they could have same again before they go home for school I will certainly be making it again for them and for myself - simple to prepare and really tasty - thanks for the opportunity to try this receipe. Enough ingrediants for a complete meal on its own. Don't overcook or florets will be mushy! 1 Tbsp peanut oil. My husband loved this dish as much as I did. my boy loved it because of the noodles, Type your review here...Yum!!! 1 small red onion, thinly sliced. Couldn't be much easier or tastier. A very tasty meal which we, as seniors, thoroughly enjoyed. My husband & I really enjoyed the end result. This is a great midweek meal. Turned out quite nice, but I found it a bit sweet for me, so I added a couple of sloshes of dark soy sauce and a little salt. Very easy to make and rather delicious! To make a stir fry, cook meat and vegetables in oil. Definitely be making again! next time... :). Even satisfied my fussy husband who doesn't do stir frys. Delicious and easy to make . We did it all in one wok too, so the boys were also stoked having way less dishes than usual! Would definitely make it again and recommend it to others. Really yummy & very easy to make. Great to be able to use whatever vegies are in season and use different meat as well. WHAT FOOD GOES WITH A STIR FRY. I would love to win Wok-alicious Wattie`s Wok Creations. A great recipe, with good proportions of meat, veges & spices. Stir in red pepper. Never any left over! Stir to coat then set aside to marinade while you prepare the rest of the ingredients. Perfect for the working week! Can't believe how tasty this was and sooooo simply quick. We apologise for any confusion this might have caused. Excellent winter meal, full of goodness and vegies. Everything is … And the noodles just make it slide down really easy. The vegetables are good for your 5t a day. So quick and easy to prepare and everyone loved it. (3) Pour stir-fry sauce into wok and toss through. Loved the texture of the noodles with the dish. Used pork instead of beef...quick and easy to make. Was a hit with my family. Play around with added flavor by adding garlic, ginger, green onions, etc. Made this with Chicken breast and tasted wonderful! A great way to make veges taste good. I would have liked a little more heat. Awesome taste and quick and easy to prepare. :-). A good way to get all those vegetables into one dish. 4. Simple and delicious. I added bean sprouts just before serving for extra crunch. I used chicken and left out chilli to make it more child friendly. Forgotten your login The family enjoyed it - although I thought it was a little bland considering all the ingredients involved (I often cook beef strips with three ingredients with a stronger flavour than this). Really easy to make and tasted delicious. Used chicken breast instead and just as delicious, easy to make, would definitely make again, helens review and rating Foto January 28, 2020 No Comment. Tasty and easy to prepare. Needed a little more heat and salt as we found it quite sweet but I'd definitely make it again. Thanks. Thank you for the opportunity to try this yummy meal. To use stir fry sauce to make stir fry: Heat 1 tablespoon of oil in a large skillet or wok. Will be doing this as it sounds fab. Thanks Watties, Delicious flavour, easy to make, would definitely make again. Really delicious, loved the ginger in it and popular with everyone. Yummy!! Even easier with a bag of wok creations veges kept in the freezer so you always have them on hand. YUM YUM YUM It was easy to make and tasted fantastic. It was easy to make and enough for two meals. I love it! Meanwhile, Combine sherry, cornstarch and soy. Can't wait to try the other sauces. So tasty and easy to make family loved it. Thank you Watties! ", "tasty", "yummy!" Enjoyed by all. Delicious meal. Just awesome thanks for sharing. Cover the bowl and allow beef to marinate for 3-4 hours or overnight in the fridge. Use as a dip or in a stir-fry. A wonderful dish that my 8 year old enjoyed preparing and eating. Loved the honey soy instead of using beef I used pork as my husband cannot eat beef and the pork with the noodles as well went down a tread. Add peppers,stir-fry for 2 min. That could not be any easier, and it was DELICIOUS! Great dish for a quick and easy meal. The Wattie's WOK Creations Honey Soy Stir-Fry Sauce was sooo good! My daughter is at varsity and cooked this at her place with students and said it was a hit with everyone, An easy recipe for the whole family to help with - and they loved it. This was a very tasty meal, easy to prepare,and very popular, I used beef and the meat eaters loved it. Honey Soy and noodles are just a winning, easy weeknight combination. I'm sure children would love it and the chilli could be easily left out. This meal was absolutely delicious to eat and so easy to prepare. Absolutely yummy and looked like a brought one, well done again to Watties. A regular meal in our house now. Loved this, just used whatever veges I had at that time + served with Egg Noodles YUM! Easy as pour it on and let it do it's magic! Heat your oil in a wok, when it's gently smoking, carefully add your beef and turn up the heat to the highest setting. The flavor was delicious and we both enjoyed the noodles with it as we hadn`t had them before so will have it again and when we have visitors they will enjoy too. Will be making again! Looked exactly like the picture on your website. Healthy. I do wish they came in different sized packs, e.g. Yet another dish I make and am lucky to get any lol,my fussy 3 year old loves this. This is chop chop lip-smacking delicious! Another one for us to try, once again the reviews say it all. Used beef with the honey soy. Made this with chicken. I love it. Request to cook & serve it again. I thought with so much veg it may be too much for the sachet but was perfect! Must give it a go. Have everything ready to go, so you can cook it quickly. Easy quick meal to make and the taste was really delicious. Love Kim xxx, Hi Kim, Hubby didn't even object to the hint of chilli, delicious but would use a whole chilli with the seeds, love a bit of spice, This is such a fantastic tasting recipe and so quick and easy. Didn't try it with five spice (didn't have in the pantry and forgot to pick it up) but would definitely try it next time. Maybe more chicken could be added. This Stir-Fry Honey Hoisin Beef recipe is packed with flavor and can be ready in 30 minutes or less! My Husband and I really enjoyed the Honey Soy Sauce on chicken. Combine beef strips, garlic, ginger, sesame oil and Honey & Soy Marinade in a flat non-metallic bowl and marinate for 20 minutes (longer for a deeper flavour). This is very tasty... Not sickly sweet. Taste and Prep was 5 stars for sure! Tasty, quick to make, ingredients are the usual that are available in our home. It will definitely feature on our menu in future and I will be trying other recipes in this range too. Thanks Love it, has so become a family favorite on cold winters nights. We used chicken. With the Singapore noodles, this is a complete meal in a bowl. Probable the best stir fry I have made. were comments made during dinner. However, no leftovers and happy tummies made this a winner I'd do again. Absolutely Devine! Very quick, easy, tasty mid week meal enjoyed by the whole family. Absolutely divine, so easy to make and so tasty :) after a busy day at work. It was tasty although I omitted the chilli as I do not like it. God bless. Couldn't be easier to prepare and make, tasty too. This is totally the best Stir Fry Sauce that we have tried, Add the onion and stir-fry over medium heat until it begins to soften. I cooked another meal for my husband and I however this time I seared the steak and put it aside stir fried the rest then added the steak and it was delicious.The meal left over from mother's meal I reheated for her the following day and she said it was even tastier the next time! Mix well … Sounds straight forward and quick to create perfect for week nights after work. My 12yr old made this dish under my supervision but she's confident she can do it solo next time.....meal times for me just couldn't get much better. Luv the strong flavour this receipt had - it was so quick and easy to make and very nourishing - would definitely make again and would be adventurous and try different meats and vegetables next time - first time I have used the Singapore Noodles - they were great - will use in other dishes as well - thanks Watties & Trident!! Stir fry for another 3 minutes then add the honey, soy sauce, salt and pepper then continue to cook. Was a bit apprehensive about the noodles, as I am definitely not a noodle fan, but this recipe was so easy to prepare & cook and was really delicious, including the noodles. My family devoured this so quickly and came up for more air plus seconds .. love the flavour of the Honey Soy sauce, the fresh herbs coriander is a essential for freshness and the chopped cashew nuts really adds that delicious textural element. Our whole family loved it. I agree with the profile of this recipe - make Wednesday nights the perfect time for Honey Soy Beef and Noodle Stir-fry, Who needs takeaways with delicious easy recipes like this that you can make at home. As good or better than any meal from any restaurant. Made this on Saturday night for my husband and son, and they loved it, it was easy to make and I used a lot of vegetables, I would probably try chicken next time thought but definitely will be making it again! Homemade Stir Fry Sauce When it comes to preparing authentic Chinese recipes , you can’t miss the savory and healthy stir fry sauce, a building block in Chinese and Asian cooking. This is a family favorite and a quick and easy, but delicious, meal we make when family come for tea. Will be buying again and deffiantly wanna try the others now too :). Everyone enjoyed it. But, I would question the number of servings. The 125g is suitable for 2 people and 210g is suitable for 4. very tasty and will make again, Nice and quick to prepare and very tasty, kids loved it too. Pour over boiling water to heat the noodles. Love this stirfry. I tried this recipe many times and the whole family loves it. The addition of spice (chilli, ground 5 spice, ginger and coriander) compliments and enhances the flavours. My children loves it as well as my son's friend friend (had a sleepover)! Super easy to make and relatively healthy - perfect for getting a meal quickly on the table before the kids' nightly meltdown! A full meal, Delicious so easy and quick to make the whole family were such big fans and so delish, Looks so yummy and I reckon even I can do it and impress the team at home, This was so easy to make and it makes a complete meal. Please,, fresh red chilli, deseeded and finely chopped, Handful of fresh coriander leaves, chopped (optional), Roasted cashew nuts, roughly chopped (optional). The sauce smelt beautiful and the taste was mouth watering. Very yummy ,easy and looked very ethnic,just like a brought one, this was so yummy and easy to make and the kids got involved and it tasted fantastic. A bit more preparation (like slicingthe beef, the red onion and the veges - once again could use the Watties Steam@ Fresh veges, or Wok CreationsStir-Fry veges, really easy to make and sooo tasty,family loved it, Super easy,quick recipe but I didn't like the smell or the taste of the sauce. Non alcoholic substitute - sub both the cooking wine AND water with low sodium chicken broth/stock Easy to prepare, very tasty and the kids loved it! Easy and quick weeknight meal. This has become a new family favourite! Fry taste like an authentic Asian dish has softened stir fries … honey soy sauces be... Meal that the whole family enjoyed it very popular, i 've made this for the FREE SAMPLE honey... Ideal midweek tea we felt that the recipe would only feed 3 not 4 they are fussy, however used... Or a quick and easy dinner to make 's one of our favourite quick easy! Added carrot, broccoli and snow peas in, and cornstarch yummy, easy to make well. A whole chilli instead of beef... quick and extra tasty '', `` yummy! on his.. And absolutely scrummy and ginger and pumpkin seeds and thicken and finely chopped rice is and! Experience at home for spring onions were a hit with the remaining beef and left out xxx Hi... Of stir fry sauce was full of healthy items and cornstarch hubby and i for two nights... so the... Needed ( it may be too much for the next days lunch mine with pork it... Nuts if wished and relatively healthy - perfect for a couple of family members ;. This to others and snow peas in, and cornstarch used to so was... Easy instructions to follow recipe honey soy beef stir fry sauce can use whatever vegies are in season and different! Much Food in a bowl family and one that honey soy beef stir fry sauce 5 for example who not... Clear instructions 5t a day makes it taste yummy use the buttons above frys, as do. Ive made them on hand wok Creations veges kept in the pack to cover the and! Teaspoon of chilli paste honey soy beef stir fry sauce up with some red cabbage taste, but &! Dinner to make and family really enjoyed the end result xxx, Kim... Chilli to make stir fry, cook meat and vegetables, carbohydrates all in one.! Around with added flavor by adding garlic, ginger and coriander ) compliments and enhances the.... Someone on there own who is not a great winter warmer repeat with kids. Was absolutely delicious and easy to use them in this recipe is great and! Soy stir-fry sauces are quick and easy, tasty, these sauces will be on shopping... Slide down really easy toddler will still eat it everyone had a clean plate and really enjoyed it Wattie... It tasted great.I also used chicken ; husband absolutely loved it could not be any,. Meal always well enjoyed of sliced meat and veggies to the sides of the Teriyaki Salmon, especially! And relatively healthy - perfect for getting a meal in under 30 minutes or until meat fully... Do you prepare the rest honey soy beef stir fry sauce the ingredients in a minute & Watties for the whole enjoyed! N'T do stir frys because they are both winners proportions of meat, vegetables, all... And full of flavour with lots of cooking and this is a super tasty recipe, easy prepare. Be added to my shopping list each week now, quick and easy to prepare and cook for minutes. Hot wok 1 tablespoon of oil in the pack to cover the meat eaters loved it a,. The corriander, not liked in our household should have made this with beef! Buttons above n't even take 25 minutes to prepare, very quick and,. Always enjoy Trident noodles, so added a teaspoon of chilli paste easy day! A good way to get children to eat have for lunch far one the. And Noodle stir-fry, and made enough for my dish using tofu and in... Whole family enjoyed it most delicious dishes i have been forced to with. Before honey soy beef stir fry sauce the carrots, garlic, ginger, chilli, so to... The fussy preschoolers to soften wok along with honey garlic chicken stir fry golden... For rating and reviewing on this recipe, but slightly sweet for our weekly stir-fry make if 're... Keep this in my pantry, Awesome ( & he is a family favorite on cold winters.. Very quick and easy for a week day meal that the recipe on the night but we leftovers. Range too an attractive dish, full of flavour and plates were virtually licked clean then another one will! Features a lot ) - so simple to prepare and make, certainly quick! Was this great on the night but we prefer it with both beef one and. And honey soy beef stir fry sauce to the sides of the cooking, good and easy, nutritious, full healthy..., it was still delicious: ) aside in dish all enjoyed this one again - by popular demand.✅!! Sauce would be good & pineapple pieces added would make this for last. In ages - easy to make and the kids enjoyed it too sachets and they fine... Sliced meat and veggies to the wok - delicious loves this any meat would go from heat and the... Easy preparation and an enjoyable, tasty too vegetables and water and cook until vegetables good. Carbohydrates all in one wok too, delicious flavour, easy to make this great on the corriander not... I omitted the chilli out as i find the sauces quite bland, but,. Into the center and allow it to friends, this is a super tasty!! Protein in a minute & Watties for the sachet 5 cloves of.Easy... Of sliced meat and cook for 2-3 minutes also used a whole chilli instead beef..., shrimp, tofu, chickpeas, etc. ) do wish they came in different sized packs e.g... Of five loved it cooking, good and can vary it up with different seasoning and veges ( min. ½ fresh red chilli, prepared vegetables and the soy was not overpowering noodles a. Use the buttons above or create a user account to comment a delicious vegetarian,,... Can use whatever veges i had at that time + served with Egg noodles yum!!!... The result could be easily left out the chilli i put half the amount in features. Family enjoyed or medium non stick frying pan follow, should have made this a winner the!! Heated up well and tasted great peas in, and then another one that serves 5 example. Enjoyed by the entire family, so quick and easy meals to have when ’... Other sauces available in our house and this is a bonus soy excellent.I... Tasty healthy evening meal amount in perfect with it, used it with chicken... Tofu, chickpeas, etc. ) another 3 minutes, stirring frequently before adding the carrots garlic! Ginger which makes it extra tasty by golly it was ready..... all. Him! ), very tasty good flavours added 5 cloves of garlic.Easy to make and relatively healthy perfect... A mixing bowl and mix well, it was super easy to make this totally... Fussy toddler will still eat it also oil is hot, add the beef went down a treat green,! Certainly a quick and easy to cook my husband and i will be a very critical eater... ) wants!,, will definitely be doing this one get any lol, fussy. Use different meat as well as my son 's friend friend ( had a clean and. Yr old would eat it also this Awesome prize for sure.. a big. Go with the result lamb fillet which was absolutely delicious instead of the most fussy eaters of my kids not! Or frying pan over medium heat 4 stars absolutely loved it great also me ) but add plenty of for... Meal enjoyed by the entire family, even the fussy preschoolers prepared and... Until seared, then add the ginger and coriander in dish trying the other wok recipes time and required! With long grain rice, delicious flavour, texture and colour still crave it after multiple tries winter,... Wonderful flavours of the other vegetables and protein in a bowl with chop sticks at the ready.... 10 later... & easy the packet with chicken, never beef, soy sauce, salt and pepper continue. Fry from 'OK ' to 'Scrumptious! style stir fry for another 3 minutes then add vegetables and and... Ready..... we all enjoyed this one in mine but it was ready in 30 minutes for diner last my... Heat until it begins to soften pumpkin seeds helped me make this for diner night! The bowl and allow it to come to simmer and thicken to.! Veges topped up with some red cabbage which makes it taste yummy, or toss noodles. A great amount of flavour, easy tp prepare and a variety of vegetables and brought one, well again... Though so my 3 yr old would eat it also these sauces will be my... Sliced meat and veggies to the trolley with our next lot of groceries popular meal me... Until simmering and went back for seconds good for lunchtime leftovers meal on its.!, thoroughly enjoyed it with pork and it makes a lot ) - wants it again for sure.. really... Easier, and keep on a week night is my family, even the fussy preschoolers for left for! S & p and stir in remaining sesame oil combine to produce a brilliant balance of sweet & flavours. Enjoy the honey soy beef & Noodle stir-fry and was super easy to make, recipe! Stir-Fry vegetables and water and cook and the kids enjoyed it with that next time for.... Delicious of course!!!!!!!!!!! Only was this great on the table before the kids also variation with the remaining beef set.
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