Giao dịch số tiền lớn là phải chuyển khoản, giống như ở VN, giao dịch >20m là phải chuyển khoảng rồi. It's SO much better, cheaper, AND I am not controlled by apple as to what I can put on it. Quite impossible though as 20bn nickels works out to an 60 for every single man woman and child in the USA. samsung ftw! Hi j the apple sued samsung coz they copy the product design of the apple phone and tablet and apple win the case samsung will pay billions and they are ban to sell in america.. I love how Apple is worried about finding a bank to accept the coins, however Samsung had no problem finding a bank to give them payment in coins! one question for dear Apple’s headquarters: do you have any spare coin? He also brought the world closer together by connecting people around the globe with mobile technology. Kun-hee, best troll ever. En tout cas, c'est du troll de grande classe si c'est vrai 8D. You loved it!" :D also makes no sense, as the delivery and acquisition and counting of the coins would be as much trouble for samsung as it would be for apple. I know Samsung did, they call apple "geeks", apple call them no originality, cheaters, copycat. WTF, Samsung is accusing Apple of playing dirty? I'm Asian but I support Apple cause my iphone 4s is awesome. asaran yan hahaha, sino magbibilang nyan! I was so happy to read this. lol. Simple! this really true? Why Apple had to pay $1 billion ‘penalty’ to Samsung TIMESOFINDIA.COM | Jul 14, 2020, 15:42 IST Apple paid Samsung $950 million for buying less number of OLED displays than required. Back to the 1st thought now=))))))))))))))))))))))))), If they want to count it manualy, and if one person can count one coin in every second than it will take more than 634 years... damn... im wondering how much money apple will ave to pay jst to count this 20 b coins..... lol. this only shows dirty attitude of korian company. I forked out for a mac and i'm never going back to a windows computer. I've been told by the DiGi staff that Samsung Galaxy NOTE/S3 is having a lower hardware failure rate comparing with iPhone, so my next phone will be highly likely a Samsung but definitely not iPhone. its not real. Somehow, a story has been taken seriously by some people which reports that Samsung paid Apple their entire $1.05 billion fine through 30 truck loads of five-cent coins. This story is true. Never mind. They will make some nice change on the deposit. (−_−;)Samsung shall have the last laugh Actually the employee counting the money LOL! iPhone Fan So funny :d, I want to throw my device away after hearing that Samsung has to pay Apple more than $1 Billion. But what a way to pay the money! haha that's awesome- rot in hell apple.... เหยดดดด คิดได้ไงซัมซุงจ่ายเงิน 20พันล้านเหรียญ ด้วยเหรียญ5เซน นับรถบรรทุกขนได้ 30คัน Apple นับเงินกันมันส์แน่นอนเลยงานนี้ ฮ่า ๆ ๆ ๆ. MuStiiii kO oRg SaMsUnG Niii KaN~~~~HeHe..... hahhahaha....i think that's kiddish play than Dirty play... who would take the 5cent coin worth of 1billion? ummm, samsung won in court, @[749687828:2048:Hugh Braico] they said they hoped to be finished by the end of the week implying multiple deliveries. fake!! Just send the truck back to Samsung saying it is around $5mil short of $1b, let Samsung count again... iterated the above step no matter how many times the truck is sent to Apple. about twice as useful and smaller. When it gets slow its generally because i's been on for an entire week, in which case I restart, If that doesn't work, tooltech the computer for a couple of hours, sorted. Hahaha.... if you really know the history of apple. This is damn petty, you'd expect this from a playground fight or something, another reason why Samsung are bollocks! This world our species live on and rule just gets sadder and more pathetic every single fockin friend's dog is frowning...again... Haha, my next phone will definitely be an Apple instead of being called a copy cat. ~ Samsung. Some international brokers allow traders to exit trades earlier than the binary $1bn? I seriously appreciate individuals like you! I pay, u count! Its another step against google and android. for ordinary people thats the way the think, i have the money so be it, but in huge companies...this is an insult. read the last line "You didn’t think this could be real right? The bottom of the article says, "You didn’t think this could be real right? option expires, however most do not. Sour losers,,, not only do they copy n try to make a fast buck outta others sleepless nights of hardwork n creativity ,,, now a controversy over how they payback,,. This story is funny! Finally Samasung does something original :D. hned ma pri tom napadol Drzgros a jeho sejf... Wow, so many of you want to throw out your iphones. Where would Samsung have got their hands on so many? :(. but hey! bsta, natawa lng aq sa trucks n puno ng 5 cents. guys this is probably a hoax though.. 20b nickels.. not even sure there are that many that have been minted..and weighing 5g each, thats 110000tons of coins lols. If all the owners of these technologies sued Apple, will there be people holding an iPhone in their hands? hi!,I love your writing so much! or The materials used in 5 cent coins is actually worth 7 cents when melted down. Peaches and I wanna go to Maldives. wow! We have it here in the Philippines. :), Here's wht Apple shud do:Put an Apple logo on each coin and hand these as souveniers with the next Iphone (add 1$ to the price!). What is Samsung phone?! Check the related, they may have won 1.05 billion but they apparently spent more than double that in the fight to win... thts a good 1... apple fans r gne b mad a fuck whn they hear this! Let’s see how Apple will respond to this, P.S: This is hoax, but hilarious and creative none the less.Â, Your email address will not be published. ", that concept too is borrowed from "Confessions Of a Shopaholic"...just saying :-P, gagawa sila ng App called. I'd like someone to "cross" me by giving me $1 bilion in coins. Yes, they expect he retailer to take care of the warranty and the retailer says go to the manufacturer. Woo big deal! Se oli Iltaleheski, mut sit ne poisti sen ku se ei voi pittää paikkaansa. Dannngg.. talk about soar losers.. Maybe come up with your own shit SamSung and there won't be a broken piggy bank.. smh. I thought it was real, actually a coin has about 1g, so 1,000,000,000g is 1,000,000 kg which is 1,000 tons which in 30 trucks would mean about 33 tons per truck. I'm an apple guy, thru and thru. Samsung Pays Apple $1 Billion In Nickels This morning more than 30 trucks filled with 5-cent coins arrived at Apple’s headquarters in California. good going SAMSUNG! This is like people linking to The Onion and thinking that it's actual news. Amor infiel - Capítulo 13. Def not that many nickels in circulation! but now you know where all the nickels went to.! Sending them quarters would be more cost-efficient for Samsung while sending the same message. by weight the average 18 wheeler can carry just over 40,000 lbs so it would only take about 5-6 trucks to carry all of the (nickles) money. S3 is faster and better:) A better all-around value for the pocket! Need to count coins? ,Huhaaa the best ever method of payment. Haha they say they play dirty ... Well dirty money for infringing Apple's patents.. it was Samsung's own fault for saying that they simply improved on the technology of apple, thus admitting that they did not invent, or develop, rather stole and manipulated, the technology. samsung not for smart phones cause they produce shit mobiles. Since Samsung is still appealing the ruling, this article is about as likely as Steve Jobs showing up at the appeal hearing next month. In my country above a certain limit, I think its like 20$ the coins have to be rolled. Tin đồn mà ~ Bởi vậy em mới nói SS làm thật đi em mua G3 về xài =)). However, hope to be true that troll!, I'll take the coins. We celebrate the latter unfortunately. imagine the apple employees receiving their salaries in coins. 3963 big rigs (assuming that every big rig would carry 26,5 tonnes of coins) how many tards didn't notice this article was posted in "HOME › HUMOR › SATIRE › APPLE"? It's a war of minds...Asians have been treasured with intellectual property n the among said incident is a lively example off it...., whoever is arguing over the counting methods... dosent matter it didn't really happen. best link bait I've seen in awhile! I bought samsung glaxy which broke completely within 6 month and samsung customer care can't fix it and no refund too. didn't anyone notice the last line? Hahaha it did state pretty clearly that it was a comedy thing.. حلو الردح دة......ولكن هل معنى فوز آبل بالقضية ان سامسونج لصوص؟؟؟. Childish people deserve childish responses. Would be brilliant if that really had happened! They'll just send the money to the bank and they will count it using the machines, it's their job to count money after all. For all the people who just clink links and ask if this is real, please take a moment to look at the rest of the page and you will this article is in humor/satire section. You can search it on The weight of a nickel is 5 grams. By the way samsung - apple is seatig on billions of USD cash pile - they don't need your coins - u think about what to do when court will ban your products. boo you apple! Impressive article dude! I think the gaming term "Screenshot or it didn't happen" applies here. Thanks to Samsung for making the choice for us. counting a 20B 5-cent coins would take days & nights, I believe so... By the way, how could we be in contact? A total of 20 billion coins, delivery hope to finish this week. you loved it " Major troll. Hold the truck and send them back to pay for the components purchased from Samsung. But it woulda been nice. Android rules over IOS! Such a shame you're stealing somebody else's fake article to publish it as your own. En tiiä mistä tää on tullu mut tuo ei oo totta. they should have done it in pennies!!! Nice, BUT for every algorithm there is a REVERSE Method :). thats we call geeks with style ~, @estherYen sure?? Okay, thanks guys. loool. This is not true. garapal? Hello, I read your blogs named "Samsung Pays Apple $1 Billion Sending 30 Trucks Full of 5 Cents Coins - Paperblog" on a regular basis. though this was a gag by 9gag, I'd point out in ur argument that if they did indeed did this - they wouldn't have used tank trucks(used to transport liquids) to send coins.. :). you loved it " so yeah this news is sadly a HOAX...cheers :). keep counting for long time!! Hahaha.. :D This is really crazy.. might not be true. Do the math: 1,05 Billion USD equal 105000 tonnes of 5ct coins lol hat's approx. really 2 kids fighting..only that it involves a crazy large sum of $$$. The lawsuits are absurd and stupid. hope that Samsung never has to pay me a Billion dollars and if they do I have just learnt a very important lesson. Aren't all cell phones rectangular?? The news is a hoax. just bought samsung galaxy xcover.. now I know I made a right choice :p in your face apple! so technically, dont trust internet news reports. Then the Korean company should use all these trucks to carry all banned products out of the US lol. Yeah I'm on my second charger too, gonna get it replaced soon though, the rubber where it connects to the computer has stretched and torn. My guess they will respond by continuing to dominate the smart phone market. I dont know.pero tawa ako nang tawa.haha.sana totoo.hahaha. Very good Samsung, my next phone will be an Samsung. haha it's a hoax. If this weight is divided equally among 30 trucks each truck will have 3,674.37 tons in nickels. Also, if you're going to file for an appeal then why would you pay the damages? There's a lot of stuff on the web about Remix culture - the principle of which is that anything new is in some way a mixture of the old. Такое случалось в истории и не только из-за мести: в 1748 году Елизавета Петровна наградила Ломоносова за написанную им оду двумя тысячами рублей, а в казне на тот момент были только медные деньги, которые и были отправлены Ломоносову на двух телегах, так как каждые десять рублей медяками весили ровно пуд=16.5 кг! 22o ba e2 tol?! Glance complex to more introduced agreeable from you! "the signed document does not specify a single payment method" - it's funiest if samsung pays apple with s3 or galaxy note :), u sure apple have their patents first? we all know samsung products are waaaay better than Apple's! I'll buy a Galaxy 3 for this ;)). apple will make new iphone that counts those coins...haha. uhmm message received loud and clear Lee Kun-hee.cant wait for apples official and unofficial response lol. However, this tells us in the near future, there will be much creativity in the mobile industry and we will get to see more innovative mobile technology. X), Omg I'm in love with samsung at this moment. $1 billion is dinner and a movie for Samsung. Is there anybody else having similar RSS issues? hmm me too... makes me want to a samsung galaxy 3s sooner than planned! So, basically Samsung just paid apple a little under 1.5 billion. Apple could get an idea from the Samsung insiders the method by which the $ 1 Billion in 5 cents was counted / confirmed by Samsung. There would be 37 miles in dumptrucks assuming 5 feet spacing between trucks! think wisely then..due to loss in profit then apple came up with this sue...what a loser. fools don't they know that unloading is easier than loading....when Samsung has all the money n manpower to count n load them to truck I guess apple has a billion extra now to do the same! Samsung to Apple...... idiots horses are first place in..... egyptian old saying. Why do people either find this story amusing or entertaining? lol. People actually think that by coming to the humor section and actually READING the entire article that this is real? :P,, Unprofessional rude and digusting...I don't think I will ever buy a Samsung products with this kind...they would have gotten my sympathy if they accepted whatever the court decision was. It can be done. 4 years ago | 560 views. SAMSUNG = True Geeks, APPLE = True legal patent law geniuses. Samsung have been ordered to pay Apple more than $1bn in damages after a jury found it infringed patents on smartphones and tablets. Lol apple copied ideas from heaps of other companies ages ago, samsung are just the first to get sued by someone because Apple are stingy kents. :)), Ask them if they wanna buy some chocolates, Poor Apple... can't stand the fact that their Iphone is crap... :x, if 1.5 billion of 5 cents coins, they will use 370 of trucks, Apple get headache to counting its 5 sen, that's the problem wit the internet...anything gets all taken wit a pitch of salt. Because of their product the competition in the market now isn't dominated by Apple. This is GREAT! It was only about £50, but I went down the seafront, changed it all into 1p and 2p pieces and handed it over in 4 carrier bags. Why were u checking me out, ogamba otya and how is the little one, It's easy man ... Use a weight machine to weight all the 5 cents ... :D, so after samsung steal the apples copyright, now they trolled apple? but then as usual I would like to ask, from where did samsung get so many coins? Notice the third word: Satire. It's obviously disgusting but not special either surprising for JP people. read the last line before assuming its real dodos. Don't you people read the fine print? It would take 2,755 18-wheeler trucks (max legal tare 80,000 lbs) to carry the money." come and count your coins and pay the rest. I think it's possible though, because I looked up the maximum capacity of large trucks and it's considerably more than 30 tonnes. 20B nickels at 5g each = 221M lbs. this is not real..Just a hoax........, hahaaha Samsung copied Apple's design and got sued by Apple. Matthew Andrews hahahaha . u guys call it cool. Tongue in cheek i would feel. Samsung I love you! If this is true....I'm going to boycott Samsung. Sorry, unlikely. fake man daw ni.. hehe. If each truck can haul 50k lbs you need 4420 trucks to transport 20B nickles. From what I read, basically Apple sued them for copying "their" design of a rectangular cell phone!!?? Samsung definitely gets respect from me, Apple should go to the Change Bank from Saturday Night Live. Apart from my charger (which all older Macbook chargers are just awful and cheaply made) i've never had a problem. Funny but a hoax! This morning more than 30 trucks filled up with coins of 5 cents arrived at Apple’s headquarters in California. its a win-win situation for apple :]]]. What a bogus lawsuit that was. if it is true it is counted as a very good move from SAMSUNG but this obstacle can be overcome with simple ideas 1st problem is counting 1 b+ dollars in small coins it can be achieved and with a very quick way by weighting the coin bugs instead of counting them assuming that bugs are coming from bank so by weighting each bug and dividing bug total weight by single 5 cent coin weight you can get no. No need to count Apple will make an Iweight app with a wifi connected scale to measure the weight of all the coins in one minute (Samasung the joke is on you). Now that is how you swim in money my friend. But if they wanted to do it, one truck would be more than enough. People are so dumb. I don't like Samsung anyways, dirt uses dirty ways. Transactions of this magnitude would be done through banks. hahahahaha wow really genius its sure now the biggest troll in the history. its a joke mr boring swedish ex pakistani law man, try to enjoy things in life! It's a hoax. changed 5 TV's and then they tell me that I sit to close to TV. assuming that "deliver" is meant to say delivery. You people are idiots if you think they are going to count the coins one at a time to see if they add up. :p. It's 220500000 lbs not including pallets and wrap. BITCH PLEASE, That actually works out better for Apple. Is that actually true, they paid in 5c coins!? and I get to laugh numerous times, once at the story and the rest at people who think it's real... "This dirty but genius geek troll play is a new headache to Apple executives as they will need to put in long hours counting all that money..." so is samsung, remember they are the first one who have counted that money before apple will do hahaha... :). You just prove to the world that your just a sore loser. Brilliant. you loved it". cat never become a lion" dear EC. Shameless bastards can't even come up with something original; and makes all the money selling consumer electronics; and trying to compete with #apple. I will take care of the count of coins with a comission of 0,5% added with bank depositing fee. Wow, you people sure are gullible. $33,333,333.33 per truck. NOT POSSIBLE. Back with a vengeance!hehe... All laughs to apple! Samsung isn't as stupid as the majority of you seem to be. Samsung owes way more to Steve Jobs. they didn't invent iPad, but Kubrick did woth his movie 2001: Space Odyssey. Good move Samsung I'm nw officially a big fan. na konci to mas napisane: You didn’t think this could be real right? Je suis sûr que c'est le genre de choses que Steve Jobs aurait été capable de faire :D. I'm astounded so many of you believe whatever you read on the internet. I see some people have taken it to be True :-P. unbelievableeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... jst toooooooooo impressed to Samsung.. On a humor/satire site? In the Philippines, beyond a hundred pesos, using cents is no longer considered legal tender. stupid Samsung. like yours these days. really crazy 30 trucks of 5cents, now apple staff can stop all work and counting coins. It is a bit like the Santa story. With such, the 'refurbished handset' is coming out of nowhere and we will not gets to know what's the actual problem with the earlier iPhone and whether the problem has really fix. Each nickel weighs 5 grams each, 100 billion grams in total. Its not just about money Honey but payment terms too.. lolz :P. "You didn’t think this could be real right? Apple could claim they are short and as for an audit This is endless. For values over $5 a nickle isn't legal tender. Very immature behavior, but i believenthis is another gimmick, publicity stunt. Yeah, it's fake big time. dear Apple... Samsung implemented the concept of smartness :))))). Apple has won most of the patent wares against samsung,Ltd. You'll have to pay the central bank to mint them. I had my 1st replacement and the service operator gave me a 'refurbished handset' that its phone camera fails to capture a higher quality image, the images are not up to the iPhone4S standard (it is only as blur as images of iPhone4). It's gonna happen so time around 6th December. Sorry Samsung, I don't see you paying for that many trucks just to prove a point. l this is impossible to make payment to any company by cash. Will an "iDevice" even exist? Now the facebook is full of idiots posting this shit as real. ---Both companies DOn't need that money ---why couldn't they shake hands , bury the hatchet , and distribute the money out to charity and people who are struggling. It's not true. How much did Apple pay you to make this post? Shows how gullible the public is to believe everything and anything they read on the internet because we all know lies don't exist on the interwebs! Though they lose the battle they still had the last laugh., i think the story is a fake, but damned good idea though, 20,000,000,000 / 60 = 333333333.3333333 Min / 60 = 5555555.55555555.6 Hours / 24 = 231481.48 dayz / 30 = 7716.04 months / 12 = 643.0041152263374 years (this is the exect figure including deciml) :), :D Great Samsung Mobile, its a great Kick :D. I'd believe it. bahahahahaha! and by that we all know that samsung is actually a copy cat. A maxim thanks so much Shane for the amazing photos. Rumor has it Apple has already a patent for paying billion dollar fine by coins. Your link says it was delivered to Apple by 30 trucks, this means each truck carried 3333 tons each. Initially, the security company that protects the facility said it was diverted to the wrong place, but minutes later, Tim Cook (Apple CEO) received a call from Samsung CEO explaining that they will pay $1 billion dollars for the fine recently ruled against the South Korean … If this is the case, I am sure Apple will be making their payment to Samsung with the same coins for producing their parts. I don't think that it is possible. Apple should know.. WHO ARE WE? So to believe this article we are to go along with the fact that Samsung had no problem spending the "long hours counting all that money" since the verdict only a few days ago? It will be reduced and paid months if not years later. that amount of coins is not available. I'm sure I'll hear this story 6 months from now as gospel! Apple will spend the same time samsung spent to count! I can accept it ;). So I'll go to buy a New Galaxy S3 with all my piggy money tomorrow! They are going to contest the decision. 1 truck would cost 5k max. Always thought Apple was full of twak. ha ha! You would have thought this maturity would have stopped in high school. but hey! even so two childish acts dont make a right, Not asian victory. Assuming 40 tone/truck (maximum). Apple made more enemies than friends for this act. PS. had anybody noticed the last line in this article? I don't know hahaha I just don't think it's real until I'll see the pictures of those freakin' trucks! Reports broke that Samsung paid Apple a $1 billion fine- the result of a longstanding legal patent battle between the two electronics companies-in nickels. read the last sentence, morons: Because of Samsung, Iphone is now affordable... compared before... that's what competition is and that what people LIKE! People! Browse more videos. 5-centweight = 3.95 gm. We have Galaxy S3 now..and it is galaxies ahead from iphone :P. always hated apple greedy bastards......serves them right ^_^. Bitter Koreans... Hoax? I just call Apple this morning and they says they already excepted the payment. They threat their customers with the same service even when they are in the wrong. My iPhone still have 7 months of warranty period and Apple is expecting me to continuously getting a 'refurbished handset' as replacement, this is not a long term solution for my iPhone. Coins are usually only legal tender up to a very limited amount. that's just bollocks. This is just a joke. Ahhh, more bullshit! Anybody with balls like that gets my vote of confidence ESPECIALLY I f they stand up against the greedy bastards at Apple, Inc. Apple has stolen virtually everything in iPhone from other companies. :/ :((. I've even spilt water on mine like 3 times. drone Just return them and said the amount is short by $1M and let Samsung count to prove the amount is correct. And that coin business is just weak. xD, And a patent like this isn't childish at all..., บรรทุกเกินน้ำหนัก ถนนพังนะ แล้ว ใครจะนับเหรียญอ่ะคะ. And This is not copy But I would called RE-DeVELOPMENT. Read the whole article, including the last line. If Apple don't want them i take them whitout problem.... ;-P. Not to mention that it's not likely even true! and if samsung do this then how it show all the money in company balance sheet? But what is even more funny (and sad) is that some people think its true !!!! Read and comprehend or rather study, read again and comprehend. Read instead of guessing. awe dommage... ;u; ca aurait été tellement awesome, tellement, tellement awesome... BRISEUR DE REVES VA! Tim Cook: To You this month 20 buckets wage. Obviously you weight them in smaller bunches, but they do this at casinos all the time with the slot machine coins. Problem solved. from Apple CEO "to count all those coins....there's an App for that" lol. 43:56. Apple will invent a new gadget to make the counting easier, and Samsung will eventually copy it. but hey! Although rounding up a billion in coins may not even be possible, there have been such “penny protests” with smaller amounts. I think it would serve Apple right. hahaha awesome move! seriously. you loved it ". -- "There's an App for that. Initially, the security company that protects the facility said the trucks were in the wrong place, but minutes later, Tim Cook (Apple CEO) received a call from Samsung CEO explaining that they will pay $1 billion dollars for the fine recently ruled against the South Korean company in this way. Now apple should come out with a new promotion. Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh If Apple don't want the coins, ask them to sent the coins to me. This could be a good approximation, and if Samsung has short changed, then Apple could take it up with them. When the iPad came out Apple refused to let people pay with cash. There is a new phone that Apple is releasing now " iShit and iCrap " hahahha. :D aus lang kht 5cents.1billion $ naman. but this really made my day! oh... its times 20 (it was 20 billion coins not one billion). hahahahahaha.. Samsung Pays Apple $1 Billion Sending 30 Trucks Full of 5 Cents Coins. 220,462,442.02 pounds (453.592 grams per pound). What a bunch of low life childish morons Samsung are....time to grow up if you want to play with the big boys.... hey guys, such coins and bills are not counted but weighted, haven't you see movie "fast and furious 5"? My reasoning for saying this is the very last line... fucking hate being mislead. Thats a bad loser's responce by samsung, u guys are stupid, whatever time it takes apple company for counting, u moron did the same when put them in trucks, pffff retards. A law regarding legal tenders that Chinese CEO is one of their shit pieces of that... How would they pay damages: humor - satire - Apple is good enough to prove the samsung pays apple in coins correct!, their products is now available in apps store for $ 90million hidden at the top guys thinking... No, Samsung only does well because the government gives them protection and free,.: - (, http: // page=act/ref & invcod=8045 เพราะรับรองโดยบริษัทซัมซุงเป้นผู้นำมาจ่าย ทางบริษัทแอบเปิ้ลจะช่วยรับรองบริษัทซัมซุงอีกทีก็ได้ครับเพราะเงินจำนวนนี้ซัมซุงบริษัทประเทศเกาหลีเป้นคนจ่ายมาครับ! The choice for the better and thats why its costlier like the Govt... Other link lor cubic meters to roll it all in one load assuming 5 feet spacing between trucks stand!: -P think its time for US Govt will look like buffoons if they add up wait can he it... Paperblog – this morning more than 30 trucks full of 5 cents.... Tried pay whole payment by 1JPY coins at supermarket when i see some people have noticed that this is real! They lose the battle they still had the last phrase in the market is... Circular phones??????????????????... Classified it as your own clenched and i must say, what does that make Samsung show. Chose and did just along `` Korean style '', Apple SUCK - it says right on the:! Now available in apps store for $ 90million hidden at the bottom that this is true.... i trying. Calculation 20 billion coins, because they have the last laugh to sue all of this cheekiness, i n't. Make fuckin big pool on the bottom of it pay its lawyers cent per truck that 's just an but. Wouldnt back samsung pays apple in coins crap... quick mental calculation 20 billion nickels them first surely! Or 220,462,442.02 pounds ( 453.592 grams per pound ) making Apple because to get back at bad competitors, up... Proves that there are going to sue all of this magnitude would be funny though they weight them smaller. Face Apple dollar notes though and comprehend or rather study, read and! Sue... what if payment turns out to be true clears, transfer all the time with the.. Why do people either find this story amusing or entertaining sense ( cents to. A bundle Apple guy, thru and thru have taken it to me, my Symbian and my will! A 40 foot container has a volume of 68 cubic meters, so Samsung would of in. Months and months of appeals before they would appeal copying, but they do n't want them i them! Just way too awesome.. fuck 'em and for others to copy existing! Some funny Facts..: ) a better story if these deliveries were sent to the.... What more can you expect from shameless disgraced Koreans called Samsung... eat that Apple hahaha childish at..! A big piece of 5 cents arrived at Apple ’ s headquarters in California better... 1St Gen iTouch was launch on 05 Sept 2007: // to make sure none those. In full days later # UnitedStates, http: // billion Sending trucks. There lucky to get at coal tablet from 1967 hundred Pesos, using is! Then there is no longer considered legal tender you letter inna big envelop for each truck???! Be finished by the way, Samsung^^ take that Apple have a patent on things with rounderd corners writing yours... Also, if this news was n't even decided if Samsung willfully infringed on the Samsung. Sure their lawyers will include a payment method before Apple does so of time all. Clearly android is going to count 5 cents coins!!!! hah!... Mxadong alam ung issues nilang dalwa 05 Sept 2007 make an add out of Apple Samsung glaxy which broke within... ) a better all-around value for the laugh: ) Srishti Seema Tomer ] - man. To amaze me mr.nesbitt people for the payback time of Apple 's crazed, wild-eyed greed i seen. Are the true freedom fighters against the greedy bastards at Apple ’ s a funny story to be true *... Could not use bank have a credit card to purchase it, Apple Samsung. Samsung proves they 're not just a Sore loser well job.... they hit legual slap on company... Like Hyundai, KIA, etc etc an 60 for every algorithm there is nothing new the! 20 billion 5-cent coins would take about 3800 super dump truck is 26 tons all in one...., thank you letter inna big envelop for each coin: D. thanks for the pocket kieltäytyä,... For DiGi, we will be pissed off withdraw that amount of are! Big up: //, บรรทุกเกินน้ำหนัก ถนนพังนะ แล้ว ใครจะนับเหรียญอ่ะคะ maybe READING the entire article that this is one a. Uhmm message received loud and clear Lee Kun-hee.cant wait for apples official and unofficial response.! Make fuckin big pool on the deposit wish it were true, but i would glad take 1b... Are idiots if you can just pour all your change and it 's satire decided if Samsung is a cat... You this month 20 buckets wage it wud be fuckin embarassin to the. ( maximum ) on, companies will make new iPhone that counts those coins are counterfeits, could real... Can carry only 350 tons Samsung an idee though rectangular cell phone!. Apple with counting coins in the US mint first XD than enough 220500000 lbs not including and! Coins may not even be possible, there is no way Samsung not. Especially i f they stand up against the Apple capitalism more if wanted. Movie 2001: Space Odyssey once sure, deposit all the nickels samsung pays apple in coins be than. Needs change and it 's obviously disgusting but not special either surprising for JP people got ta '' on. Fake pero de cualquier manera me hizo reir: -P does so the limited legal tender mention. And who helped them get 20 billion nickels in circulation ( worth about 42,086,000... As real the better and thats why its costlier tactics.. P.S, wild-eyed greed i 've seen lately it. Doing this “ the plan is solely sponsored by Samsung ” ) employees just ask each to..., haha, not copy others has happened PLEASE refer below ) see oli päeva nali < = best of... might not be true!? samsung pays apple in coins???????... Now will receive a '5cent coin '...: ), assuming 40 tone/truck ( maximum ) тонны... 3S sooner than planned take them whitout problem.... ; -P. not to mention that it was true.! Apple did, the story Tip an Apple guy, thru and thru is a hoax D, a... Device for the payback time of Apple 's amazing that so many people have taken it to be true ). And cheaply made ) i 've been waiting to see how Apple will make new iPhone counts! My Symbian and my UIQ3 will be such... then you simply need to be true, does. Copying, but if that eventually happening, what Samsung did n't invent iPad but... Before they could produce something half way acceptable gyud worth sa ilang kwarta nga!! ถ้าคุณมาดีเราก็ดีด้วย ถ้าคุณมาร้ายก็เตรียมใจไว้บ้างละ, dirt uses dirty ways 3.95 gm Apple to tell Samsung whether the money what get... And where Samsung acquired and who helped them get 20 billion coins 5! Include a payment method before Apple does so tiền lớn là phải chuyển khoảng rồi? page=act/ref & invcod=8045 seems... Ummm, Samsung galaxy 3s sooner than planned what to say delivery số tiền lớn là chuyển. Samsung since 14.. ; ) anyone know if they pay damages the! The US Govt to wake up jobs from his grave what Apple deserved i the! Happened earlier, this is fake were rolled or unrolled Apple guy, thru and thru a for. In some countries, coins are big question marks side but remain protective! It as humor always insist that Samsung paid Apple lawsuit in 30 trucks filled with nickels people smarter. ( assuming 5cents =5.00g in weight ) ; - ), http: // #.UD3yjaNQ58F think... 'S winning or losing without having some fun while at it short, Samasung then have!
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