Amazon's Choice recommends highly rated and well-priced products. Reviewed in the United States on May 29, 2020. Think, stick of butter. It'll last me for years. For the finish polishing stage, you will want to use a canton flannel wheel with either a water-soluble red rouge or regular red buffing compound. 8 oz jars. The rouge bar should be placed on white paper or cloth to keepit clean. Use red rouge for gold, silver, brass, copper. Tip: Use a flannel buff without compound to remove fine, small scratches sometimes left after final finishing. blocks of polishing compound: white and red. It is relatively simple to use these compounds, first apply the Jewelers Rouge, or other compound to a buffing wheel by attaching the buffing wheel to an electric drill, or bench grinder, and spinning it. Doing it by hand is painful. Choose from the Rio Grande–exclusive Sunsheen™ line of rouge polishing compounds as a final polish to shine and shade the metal. Even did okay for polishing plastic and glass (no power tools - totally by hand on plastic and glass). Many times a mirror finish may be achieved by using just one compound. Only a small amount of compound is needed on the buffing wheel for it to work properly. Polished-Finish White Rouge Cutting/Coloring Compound One 1/2 oz. A-40061 – or 1 oz – Platinum White. I bought this to put on a leather strop to sharpen knives, but the bar is industrial size like you'd use on a felt wheel to polish a lot of metal rather than just jewelry. EXCELLENT for polishing anything - silver, brass, gold, etc. White Jeweler's Rouge. Three Medium Polishing Bobs (Flat-Tip Cylinder, ... One 1/2 oz. Green Stainless Polishing Compound Jewelers Rouge. See our polishing compound and jewelers rouge chart. Also good for polishing things. The bristle brush for the Dremel rotary tool can be used to apply the polishing compound; the felt polishing bit is used for applying polishing compound and polishing. This buffing compound can polish gold, silver, platinum, and brass. Hold the bar of jewelers rouge against the spinning buffing wheel. - This jewelers polishing compound can buff scratches and produce a maximum lustrous finish on your necklace, bracelet, anklet, ring, earrings, and other types of jewelry. The heat and friction of the spinning buffing wheel will be enough to transfer the compound to the buff. These are normally used with a polishing motor, applying the compound to a buff wheel, then polishing the item. Red Rouge Polishing Compound Jewelers Tool 1 Lb Bar New This a new bar of red jewelers rouge This is for use with a buffing wheel only Used for polishing gold, platinum and sterling silver Perfect for jewelers, crafters and students The bar weighs approximately 16 ounces (453 grams) 4 OZ - The Enkay Red jewelers rouge is available in 4 oz and made in the U.S.A. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Red jeweler's rouge is ideal for polishing and enhancing the color of gold, silver and platinum. - This polishing compound can be applied on buffing wheels or by … 647AD Buffing Compound - a high luster buffing compound for use on all metals. Your question might be answered by sellers, manufacturers, or customers who bought this product. Red Rouge Polishing Compound is for high shine on gold, precious and non-precious alloys. Platinum Blue For pre-polishing & cutting down of platinum and other metals. Use Tripoli first to remove scratches and pits then follow with rouge for high luster. Removes rust, dirt and tarnish. Gently push the polishing compound against the buffing wheel while it is spinning. This jeweler rouge has a fine compound to keep your finest or softest metal from getting scratched or cut. You can also polish your silverware, knife, stainless steel, chain, and watches. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. Rubbed on face and recieved mostly positive reactions. Hold the compound against the buffing wheel until the wheel has a light layer of compound on it. 5 stars for you! A-4007 – 5 oz – Platinum Blue. Product package was stained with a dark fluid and the plastic was partially opened. Once the scratch depth is minimal on the work piece it is advised to start with the coarsest compound that is applicable to the material being polished. We had a very nice silver pen knife that had scratches on the blade end. My wedding ring has scratches and "pits" due to excessive wear. The bar is big.. A loosely sewn buff is appropriate. My husband went to work on it, and by the time he finished it was beautiful and looked brand new. We wanted to give it as a gift but not in that condition. Swap furniture items in our full experience. Gives a smooth, satin finish to copper, aluminum, pewter, gold and even hard plastic surfaces. Woodstock D2901 1-Pound Rouge Buffing Compound, Red, Enkay 1-Pound Red Rouge Polishing Compound, Enkay 150 Carded Polishing Compound Kit, 4 Piece, Enkay - Extra Fine All-Purpose Blue Polishing Compound (1Lb), Tandy Leather Jewelers Rouge 3323-00,White, PHYHOO Polishing Buffing Wheels Wool Felt Mounted Mandrel Grinding Bits Grinder Head Polish Watch Jewelry Rotary Tool Accessories Drill Tools Attachment - 1/8 Inch Shank, SCOTTCHEN Extra Thick Buffing Polishing Wheel 6 inch (70 Ply) For Bench grinder Tool With 1/2" Arbor Hole 2 PACK, Woodstock D2903 1-Pound Buffing Compound, White, Lansky Leather Stropping Polishing Hone, HSTROP, One Size, Fabulustre Polishing Compound for Jewelry 1/4 lb 4oz Grobet Vigor Rouge Bar Tube, POWERTEC BF600 6-Inch Bench Buffer Polisher, Heavy Duty w/ 1/2HP Motor 3450 RPM. POLISHES YOUR JEWELRY TO MIRROR-LIKE FINISHES - This jewelers rouge is perfect for polishing your jewelry that will make them look like brand new after working on them. Tip: Mix a small amount with water to create a paste, then place on a clean cloth and use to polish … Attach the buffing wheel to the bench grinder or to a drill. WORKS WITH ALL KINDS OF JEWELRY AND METAL - Turn your old and rusty jewelry and metals into something wonderful. Reviewed in the United States on March 14, 2017. Find answers in product info, Q&As, reviews. High-quality buffing polishing compound sticks: Available type: Black,General green,White,Brown tripoli,All purpose blue,Red rouge Available size: 50g stick, 100g stick Jewelers Rouge (also known as polishing rouge or jewellers rouge) is a very fine compound originally developed by the jewelry trade for buffing precious metals. Reviews There are no reviews yet. The shine is created by letting the buffing compound do the cutting and polishing, not by how much pressure is applied against the metal surface. This red polishing compound is known as a Red Rouge or Jewelers rouge that is originally made for the Jewelry trade. Washes clean with water. Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. Inexpensive tumbler polish. Before this I used to clean with a stiff nylon brush in hot water mixed with cloudy ammonia. The polishing kit includes two 4 oz. There is NO need to soften or moisten the compound by heating or adding water to the compounds. It truly looked like new.
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